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As long as I have been on online heathen forums, I have encountered many modern myths. The internet are full of strange and wonderful theories and that is great, but many of them are not based on real facts or are ignoring facts to get their homegrown theory to fit. I will try to find the facts about these theories and share them here. Some of the posts will properly have to be rewritten/changed to accommodate new data or data I wasn’t aware of then posting the information on the first time. That’s only an natural development for such a blog.
Since I am Danish and English isn’t my first language, I will properly make many grammatical and spelling mistakes. Please bear over with me.

No, the Odin Figure from Turkey is NOT from the Viking Age

MiscellaneousPosted by Kim Pierri Fri, May 31, 2019 08:48:15

The Turkish State media “The Daily Sabah” has an article about a “1,200-year-old Viking god Odin statuette seized in central Turkey”.

The article claims that it is a Viking Age statuette of Odin, found at the home of a smuggler. Looking at the item its clear that the statuette is not from the Viking Age. Its clearly inspired by nineteenth century Wagnarian ideas and the costume of it is all wrong. The shield is not a Viking age shield and the “barbarian clothing” has nothing to do with what someone from the Viking Age would associate with Odin (The god of the Cheiftains).

10 minutes of googling also find many different versions of the statuette. Its an nineteenth century brass statuette of a Viking and its even part of a set of at least one more statuette. Below I have posted a link to one of the many internet auctions that sells these statuettes

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