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As long as I have been on online heathen forums, I have encountered many modern myths. The internet are full of strange and wonderful theories and that is great, but many of them are not based on real facts or are ignoring facts to get their homegrown theory to fit. I will try to find the facts about these theories and share them here. Some of the posts will properly have to be rewritten/changed to accommodate new data or data I wasn’t aware of then posting the information on the first time. That’s only an natural development for such a blog.
Since I am Danish and English isn’t my first language, I will properly make many grammatical and spelling mistakes. Please bear over with me.

Meme about the language of the Skrælings

MigrationPosted by Kim Pierri Sun, November 13, 2016 09:51:28
I've seen this meme on a Asatru Facebookpage. I have looked at the relevant sagas:

In the Saga of the Greenlanders, the people of Karlsefni have dealing with the Native Americans. It says that they don’t understand each other, but nothing about the languages sounding like anything they know. P. 341

In the Saga of Erik the Red Karlsefni can negotiate prices with the natives, but it doesn’t say anything about the language they talk. P. 366

Later they capture some boys and teach then Norse (which might indicate that the negotiating earlier was done without understanding each other’s language). They say that there is a country nearby where people wear white clothes and that the country are called whitemansland, which clearly refer to the white clothes. P. 369

So it’s clear that there’s no reference to the language of the natives and that there is no reference to them meeting people with white skin before (actually there’s no reference to someone described as having white skin at all)

I have used the new danish translation of the sagas and the pages in this article refer to that translation:
Islændingesagaerne samtlige sagaer og niogfyrre totter. Book one.
Saga Forlag, Reykjavik Iceland, 2014

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